Hall of Fame

Earlham College Athletics Hall of Fame

The Earlham College Athletics Hall of Fame was established in 1991 with an initial class of eight original members: Clara Comstock ’20, Wendell Stanley ’26, J. Owen Huntsman ’26, Kathryn “Bud” Weber ’29, Rick Carter ’65, Blair Gullion, M.O. Ross and George Van Dyke.

Since that original induction group in 1991, another 26 classes of inductees have taken their place in the Earlham Athletics Hall of Fame and there are currently 182 individuals and 28 teams that have been honored.

In 2017, Walker Yane '07, Lisa Vanderkolk '07 and Bob Stein '67 and the 1967 men's volleyball team became the most recent individuals and team enshrined in the Earlham Athletics Hall of Fame.

The Class of 2018 - Tom Haviland '82, Betsy Brown '90, and Sara Bohall '08 - will be inducted during the Alumni Awards Dinner on Friday, Sept. 21, 2018, as part of Earlham's Homecoming Weekend activities.


Induction Eligibility

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Inductees Alphabetically

Anderson, Rex
Anderson, Barbara Schnell
Arnold, Marvin "Amo"


Bailey, Jackson
Baizel, Bruce
Balestrieri, Joe
Bane, Lavona Reece (Godsey)
Banks, Jerry
Barclay-Miller , Marian Haines
Baseball Team, 1937
Baseball Team, 1955
Baseball Team, 1970
Baseball Team, 1971
Bauman, Jodie
Beanblossom, Cindy
Beane, Darrell
Berg, Eric
Berns, Lacey
Bewley, Eleanor "Ellie"
Bingham, Nelson
Bolling, Landrum
Boyce, Steve
Bright, Phil
Brown, Tony
Brown, Tom
Brumfield, Martha Boren


Carter, Rick
Cell, John
Chappell Patti, Lindsey
Clark, Kenton "Eric"
Close, Peter
Comstock, Clara
Conrad, Roy
Cook, John
Cope, William
Corsi, Anne McDonald
Coulter, Jim
Coulter, David
Creamer, Orion


Davis, Robert
DeCou, Sam
Dickman, Clifford
Donathan, Libby Maudlin
Druley, Ivan
Duff, Calvin "Buz"


Edmunds, Mary Caroline
Ellington, Gene "Duke


Farris, Kenneth
Fatherly, Robert
Ferguson, Shannon
Fink, Nancy
Fink, Tom
Football Team, 1962
Fowler, Jim
Fowler, Robert
Fricke, James
Fuglister , Cecelia Bowerman
Furniss, Ron


Gartin, Chad
Gentry, Erica Nicholson
Girl of the Year, Earlham College
Gottfried, Troy
Graham, Connie
Gray, David
Gullion, Blair
Gunn, John
Gunn, Robert


Hall, Malcolm Y.
Hambrick, LeRoy "Gene"
Hammad, Karim
Harpold, Dick
Harris, Tiffany
Harris, Del
Harris, Paul
Hill, Stan
Hinkle, Dennis
Hogenauer, Sam
Holt, Shelly
Hull, Alta Mary Reagan
Huntsman, J. Owen
Huntsman, Jerry



Ivey, Charles


Jenkins, Mary Victoria “Dicki” Taylor
Johnson, Walter
Johnson, C. Thomas
Johnson, Orville
Johnson, Hilt
Johnson, Tashi
Jones, James
Jones, Tom
Jones, Taylor


Kennan, Tom
Keyser, David
Knight, Max


Locke, Dr. Margaret
Loose, John
Loucks, William
Lutter, Tom


Martin, Mike
Marvel, Tom
Matlack, Charles
McGuire, David
Men's Basketball Team, 1932-33
Men's Basketball Team, 1967-68
Men's Basketball Team, 1970-71
Men's Cross Country Team, 1963
Men's Cross Country Team, 1995
Men's Cross Country Team, 1996
Men's Cross Country Teams, 1941 and 1942
Men's Soccer Team, 1954
Men's Soccer Team, 1965
Men's Soccer Team, 1963
Men's Soccer Team, 1998
Men's Soccer Team, 1999
Men's Soccer Team, 1984
Men's Tennis Team, 1952
Men's Tennis Team, 1935
Men's Tennis Team, 1955
Men's Tennis Team, 1956
Men's Track & Field Team, 1966
Men's Volleyball Team, 1952-53
Men's Volleyball Team, 1967
Men's Volleyball Team, 1969
Messer, Roy
Michahelles, Marina
Miller, Mary Elizabeth Middleton
Miller, Porter
Moore, Dudley
Morgan, Ronald
Mutchner, John


Newcomb, Bill


Oberle, George
Olexia, Mike
Olson, George
Otto, Ralph "Newt"
Otto, Richard "Dick"
Overman, Kim Thorn


Page, Thomas
Painter, Vicki
Pearson, Scott
Perry, Korben
Peters, Floyd "Butch"
Pettengill, James (Jamie)
Phillips, Bill
Putney, Thalia Little


Ream, Scott
Rieder, Shannan
Robbins, Lewis
Robinson, Eleanor Henley
Rogers, Tom
Ronald, Stephen
Roser, Thomas M.
Ross, M.O.
Rousey, Merle
Ruby, Malcolm
Rummell, Justin
Rushton, Jerry


Sawyer, Herbert
Sayne, Brice
Schlotterbeck, Fred
Schneidewind, Carl
Schneppat, Dieter
Schroeder, Paul
Schuckman, Roy
Scott, Terry
Seibert, Douglas J.
Shellenberger, Richard
Siler, Don
Smith, Jeff
Smith, Ross
Smith, Greg
Smith Behrens, Circe
Stanley, Wendell
Stauffer, Jerry
Stein, Bob
Stewart, Ken
Stewart, Avis
Stewart Kane, Laurel
Stout, Bill


Taylor, Sally Sweitzer
Telfair, William B.
Thomas, Pat
Thomason Muller, Hilde
Thompson, Mark
Thornhill, Bill
Tileston, Margaret "Peg" Buell
Trester, Arthur L.
Trueblood, Edwin P.
Truster, Frank


Vahey, Thomas
Vanderkolk, Lisa
Van Dyke, George
Vickers, Hugh A.


Walker, William
Ward, Stephen
Weber, Kathryn "Bud"
Weimer Fowler, Wendi
Wheeler, Sarah Webster
White, Andy
Wildman, Hannah Decou
Williams, Greg
Williams, Ron
Witonsky, Sharon
Wolf, Virginia
Women's Lacrosse Team, 1976
Wonnell Brink, Patty
Wright, Richard


Yane, Walker